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Want to read the 2018 Non-Obvious Trends early?

By joining the network for a one time fee, you will receive signed books as well as a collection of other useful materials and insights. In mid-November all subscribers will receive their books (before the new edition is publicly released). Other materials will be delivered over the course of the next month. 

Here's what's included in this package:

  • 3 Signed Books (2016-2018 editions or 3 copies of 2018 edition)

  • Custom Idea Curator Notebooks (sent throughout year)

  • Trend Overview Summary Bookmarks

  • Trend Curator's Guide To Notetaking

  • Exclusive event invitations and discounts

  • Membership in the Curator's Network (For Life)
  • Exclusive excerpts, bonus content and thought leadership

  • Sneak-peek at my 2017 Non-Obvious Book Award Selections (published December 1, 2017 - see last year's selections here)

Not quite ready to join the network yet?

Get 30% off a single copy of NO2018 with code "predictthefuture" here:

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Non-Obvious Curator's Network

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